Animac 2019 Festival Stop Motion Masterclasses!

UPDATE: Whilst in Madrid I gave a detailed interview about stop motion animation with Puppets & Clay Blogspot which you’ll find in Spanish below:
Puppets & Clay Interview with Tim Allen

& in Barcelona I also gave an interview with Catalunya Radio‘s film specialist Marc Garriga (which is in Catalan!):

Animac Festival 2019 (21st-24th February) is dedicated to stop motion animation! As a prelude to the Festival, I was involved in 2 events across Spain! Firstly, Isle of Dogs was screened at the CCCB in Barcelona followed by a talk with myself focusing on Wes Anderson’s Oscar nominated movie & it’s style of animation!
Wednesday 6th Feb
CCCB, Montalegre 5, Barcelona, Spain
6:15pm Isle of Dogs screening (Spanish subtitles)
8pm Q&A with myself (in English! 😛 )

Secondly, we have a series of screenings at Cineteca in Madrid, celebrating stop motion feature films that I’ve been very privileged to be an animator upon. I gave a talk for Animac at Cinetec Madrid, 7pm 8th February to kick off  screenings of stop motion animation movies by Tim Burton, Wes Anderson & Claude Barras. Full event details at the link below & the timetable in brief here:

8th February
19:00 Tim Allen Masterclass plus Q&A
21:00 Isle of Dogs screening
9th February
12:00 Frankenweenie screening
10th February
17:45 Fantastic Mr Fox screening
12th February
18:00 Isle of Dogs screening
13th February
18:00 Frankenweenie screening
17th February
12:00 My Life as a Courgette screening
24th February
12:00 Fantastic Mr Fox screening

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Instagram: @AnimacLleida

& for the rest of this week I was enjoying the company of the students at Bau in their MA Stop Motion Animation course! 😀
Bau University, Barcelona Master’s degree in stop-motion animation