Calisea Workshops at Cantania, Sicily June 2019

5th July 2019 TimAllen

I had an amazing week in Catania, Sicily with Calisea giving a 2 day adult training course, & 5 days workshop for children. One major highlight was my introduction to a screening of Isle of Dogs for Porte Aperte as part of their ‘Learn by Movies‘ screenings. The location was a stunning open air cinema in the courtyard of Catania’s historic monestary. Take a look at this stunning video by Zammù TV & see for yourself!

Video Credits:
Zammù TV
Director: Giuliano Severini
Video operators: Giuliano Severini, Giorgio Raito and Dario Grasso.
Video editor: Giuliano Severini

Should you speak Italian, here’s an interview all about it!

LiveUniCT article about our presentation before Isle of Dogs for Porte Aperte