4 Week Advanced Course at Pinewood Studios for Creative Media Skills

27th May 2019 TimAllen

This past July-August 2019 I ran the biggest & most advanced Stop Motion Animation training course I had ever given!

It was 4 weeks of mentoring from myself at the prestigious Pinewood Studios, London for Creative Media Skills. CMS provide professional industry training & this was their 1st course dedicated to animation!

Each week was broken down into easily digestible sections, starting simply & gradually building up complexity. The weeks were broken into Anatomy & Body LanguageWalking & RunningCharacter Staging & Performance & lastly, Advanced Performance. Plus we used the犀利士
highly sought after new Stickybones puppets, renowned for their incredible articulation!

The workshop will be held at:
Pinewood Studios
Pinewood Rd
Iver Heath
United Kingdom

Monday 15th July – Friday 9th August 2019

Follow the link for more details & bookings:

4 Week Stop Motion Animation Workshop at Pinewood Studios, London

Bookings are now open! Click here for more info or contact CMS or myself directly:
+44 (0) 1753 656 168

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