Global Women ‘Career-Limiting Move’

8th March 2021
8th March 2021 TimAllen

Happy International Women’s Day!

It’s always a pleasure to work with Anna Mantzaris, but this project was extra special! A fantastic cause for Global Women tackling the most ‘Career Limiting Move’ that a woman can make….

Animated by Anna, Mark Waring & myself. I animated the office workers & a lot of flying paper in the second video

There was a lot of flying paper needed to bring this animation to life! We shot the paper elements separately to the characters to make it easier to paint the wire rigs out. Any paper that the puppets interact with was done at the same time as the puppets, so they were actually holding paper when required to.

Production Company: Passion Pictures
Anna Malin Mantzaris
Becky Perryman

Executive Producer: Belle Palmer

DOP: Donna Wade & Jon Muschamp

Animators: Anna Malin Mantzaris, Mark Waring & Tim Allen
Set & Prop builder: 
Hetty Bax                    

Costume Fabricator: Kat Probert & Isabelle Riley

Scenic painter: Roy Bell
Post / VFX: 
Sara Salcedo
Liquid Studios – Craig Matuschka

Music licensing: Liquid Studios
Original composition – Peter van der Fluit

The theme of Global Women ‘Career-Limited Move was inspired by Anna’s earlier film Enough made at the Royal College of Art whilst she was also an Animator on Isle of Dogs. ‘Enough’ is an absolutely adorable (& relatable!) film 😀

Anna Mantzaris at Passion Pictures

Vimeo: @AnnaMantzaris
Instagram: @AnnaMantzaris
Twitter: @AnnaMantzaris

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