‘Good Intentions’ Short Film by Anna Mantzaris

5th December 2020
5th December 2020 TimAllen
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It was a delight to animate for Anna Mantzaris on her graduation film at the Royal College of Art. I animated aproximately 60% of the film, giving lots of attention to the anxiety & internal struggle of it’s central character Emma. Once the film was wrapped,  Anna was snapped up as a director for Passion Pictures & rightly so!

In this small thriller about decision making and guilt, a young introverted woman is responsible for a car accident. She escapes the scene but can’t stop thinking or imagining, what happened to the other driver. And soon strange things starts to happen…

The film premiered at BFI International Film Festival and has since then been shown in over 130 Festivals.

Best Animated Film, Sehsüchte Festival, 2019
Jury Award, London International Animation Festival, 2019
Best Student Film, Anifilm, 2019
Best Hellenic Creator Award, Animasyros International Animation Festival, 2019
Storytelling Award, Thessaloniki Animation Festival, 2019
Bahega Hafez Award for Best Director, Aswan International Women Film Festival, 2019
Silver Brick, Animax Skopje Fest, 2019
Special Distinction Award, Cine court animé, 2019
Special Mention, Indie Street Film Festival, 2019
Honorable Mention, Florida Animation Festival, 2019

Skwigly Magazine interview with Anna Mantzaris

Good Intentions was shot at The Royal College of Art which made for a cosy shoot with no more than around 4-6 crewmembers at any one time. Anna & I indulged in many deep discussions on the human brain & it’s flight/fight/freeze response, analyzing the ever-shifting paranoia & anxiety of Emma, the film’s central character.

Director: Anna Mantzaris
Producer: Royal College of Art
Co-Producer: Hugo Vieites Caamano
Screenwriter: Anna Mantzaris, Hugo Vieites Caamano
Director of Photography: Donna Wade
Production Designer: Anna Mantzaris, Hetty Bax
Sound: André Parklind
Music: Phil Brookes
Animation: Tim Allen, Anna Mantzaris, Quentin Haberham, Tobias Fouracre

Anna Mantzaris at Passion Pictures

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Instagram: @AnnaMantzaris
Twitter: @AnnaMantzaris

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