Lidl commercial by Restless

2nd April 2020 TimAllen

I was Lead Animator for Restless on Lidl’s commercial due to run throughout 2020 on TV & cinemas – because they’re always Lidl on price! 😉

I animated everything except for the tomato sequence, plus the Weetabix & nappies by Tobias Fouracre. The end shot I co-animated with Steve Warne.

Client: Lidl
Director: Restless (Richard Acton & Chris Tan)
Production Company: Kream
Agency: Karmarama
Lead Animator: Tim Allen
Animators: Tobias Fouracre & Steve Warne
DOP – Matthew Day
Rigger: Robin Jackson

Restless website:
Instagram: @restless.studios
Instagram: @richardacton_

2 Animators, 2 Sets, 6 Days & a loads of food to be animated! See behind the scenes as we brought the shelves to life!