19th February 2019 TimAllen

Linoleum Festival Animation Workshop in Kyiv, Ukraine!

The workshop is part of the Linoleum Festival & will take place April 15-19th at the School of Visual Communication in Kyiv. 5 days of intensive stop motion animation training for 7 participants. Deadline for applications is March 7th. Participation is for Ukrainian stop motion animators & free of charge! The workshop will be given in English without translation. You can apply by filling in this form: Tim Allen Animation Workshop application form

The event page is on Facebook right here 😀 Co-organized by the Hippy Happy Lab & British Council Ukraine
Linoleum Festival Stop Motion Animation Workshop Event Page

Linoleum Festival Website

Facebook: @LinoleumFestival
Instagram: @LinoleumFestival
Facebook: @HappyHippieLab
Instagram: @HappyHippieLab

With the support of :
Facebook: @BritishCouncilUkraine
Instagram: @UABRitish