Linoleum & Hippie Happy Lab Workshop in Kyiv, Ukraine!

19th February 2019
19th February 2019 TimAllen

The workshop was co-organized by Linoleum Festival (the festival itself is in september), Hippy Happy Lab & British Council Ukraine & took place on April 15-19th at the School of Visual Communication in Kyiv. 5 days of intensive stop motion animation training for 7 participants. I also gave Masterclass at Kiev’s massive IMAX cinema!

The event page is on Facebook right here 😀
Linoleum Festival Stop Motion Animation Workshop Event Page

Here’s photos from a our IMAX Masterclass with it’s huge cinema screen! 😀

In the stop motion animation workshop itself we focused on anatomy & natural movement. I had a batch of brand new Stickybones puppets ready to assemble! It was a chance to share techniques with Ukrainian animators & I learnt how to maintain balance for martial arts!

Do you speak Russian? If so here’s an interview I gave for MediaNanny!
MediaNanny Tim Allen Interview

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