‘No I Don’t Want to Dance’ – Short Film by Andrea Vinciguerra

10th February 2019
10th February 2019 TimAllen

In early 2019 I was animating a wonderfully quirky new stop motion short film along with animator Will Hodge (Chicken Run, Fantastic Mr Fox, Frankenweenie) for director Andrea Vinciguerra! 😀 It’s a dark comedy to raise social awareness of how dangerous dance can be…. 😉 My sequences are in the kitchen & in the restaurant 🙂

Take a look & share… (just don’t dance)!

The crew daring to take the risk of the dance floor…!

Website: www.andreavinciguerra.com
Facebook: @VideoYouth
Instagram: @Andrea_Youth
Vimeo: @AndreaYouth

#SAYNOTODANCE #NIDWTD #TimAllenAnimation #Animator #StopMotion #Animation

This is serious. Please join us on our mission for a better and motionless planet.

Behind the scenes with the crew. A social campaign, exploring the emotion damage left in the aftermath of…. dance.

Here’s the crowdfunder campaign on Indigogo for the post production phase of the film.

No I Don’t Want to Dance – Indiegogo Crowdfunder campaign

Full credits:

Written and directed by:
Andrea Vinciguerra

Georgie Beattie
Andrea Vinciguerra

Executive Producer:
Sandrine Servent
Andrea Vinciguerra

Associate Producer:
Kimberley Le Blanc

Tim Allen
Will Hodge

Puppet Maker:
Adeena Grubb

Model Maker:
Kat Simpson

Costume Maker:
Isabelle Riley

Set Builder:
Phil Shaw

Jamie Kennerley
Thomas Wootton
Will Hodge

Model Maker Assistant:
Meg Dupont
Julia Lopez Martinez

Props Maker Assistant:
Nada Moussa

Alberto Falcone
Mark Miko

Extra VFX:
Ferenc Miko

Sound Design:

Music Composer:
Pietro Ventimiglia

Joseph Bicknell at Company3 (NYC)

Victoria Budgett

Animatic Sound:
Francesco Corsello

Mark Swaffield

Special Thanks to:
Paola Lizza, Claudio Giambrusso, Poitr Tomasikiewicz, Christian Schofield – Panalux, Gary Welch,
Bloc Space,

Crowdfunding campaign thanks for the contribution to:
Laure-Helene Prevost,
Marcello Vinciguerra,
Pavel Kingurov
Kat Wood
Jacopo Genovese
Jesus Loniego

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