My Masterclass at Stop Motion Mexico Festival 2018!

11th August 2018 TimAllen

I had such an amazing time in Mexico City for their celebrated Stop Motion MX Festival! It was 16-18th August & where I gave a Masterclass & Animation Workshop! All info to be found on their website below & here’s their Facebook LIVE video stream of my Masterclass: 😀


Tim Allen Master Class

Posted by Festival Stop Motion Mx on Saturday, 18 August 2018


& here’s my interview with El Cuartel del Comic on my experience of the wonderful Stop Motion MX Festival (starting at 13:36)

El Cuartel del Comic website
Facebook: @Elcuarteldelcomic
Twitter: @Cuarteldelcomic

Stop Motion Mexico Film Festival!

Stop Motion Mexico Website

Facebook: @StopMotionMx
Instagram: @Stopmotionmx
Twitter: @StopMotionMx
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