‘Man Wanted’ short film by Irida Zhonga

11th December 2018
11th December 2018 TimAllen

I travelled to Athens to animate the final sequence for Irida Zhonga‘s upcoming short stop motion film Man Wanted. The film is a Greek, Estonian, Serbian & Albanian co-production, due to finish next year. The teaser trailer here is animated by Mart Kivi from Nuku Films:

Facebook: @ManWantedAnimation
Instagram: @ManWanted_ShortFilm

Irida gave an interview directly from the studio on Facebook LIVE for StopMo Lovers!:

Posted by Irida Zhonga on Thursday, 8 November 2018

Facebook: @StopMoLovers

Instagram: @Irida.zzz
Twitter: @IridaZhonga
Vimeo: @iridazhonga

& whilst I was animating on Man Wanted we filmed an interview with me on set to promote my Stop Motion Workhop at Animarkt 2018!

Greek funders:
ERT – Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation

Estonian funders:
Estonian Film Institute & Estonian Cultural Endowment

Serbian funders:
Gargantua Films
Serbian Film Centre

Albanian funders:
Albanian Centre of Cinematography
Albanian Animated Society

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