Corporate Animation Workshops

See how stop motion film making is made then take on the challenge yourselves!
A completely unique experience to build bridges & bring your team together

Stop motion animation is a painstaking, detailed process yet highly evocative & rewarding.  At it’s heart it’s a medium for communication – telling stories,  educating & eliciting emotion.

An inspiring day that will introduce how stop motion works, walking through feature film shots with the man who brought the puppets to life. Your fledgling animators will be briefed on how to structure an animated sequence & then it’s their turn!

All activities will be given a set brief with a suggested timeframe, but our animators will have plenty of creative freedom within these guidelines (you have been warned!)

If you have themes & objective requirements I can tailor activities to incorporate them. Please feel free to contact me & discuss your needs. Ideally no more than 12 persons to allow for plenty of interaction but also enough personal attention. Please plan for at least 3 hours or longer as desired. No prior experience required & a wild imagination encouraged!

The session will begin with an introduction, then move into the briefing to allow as much time as possible for the animation process. We’ll conclude with a screening of everyone’s work & plenty of giggles to bring everything to a rewarding conclusion.


  • Plenty of chairs & tables.
  • A well lit room where we can close the blinds to block out natural sunlight (animation means capturing images over a period of time & the sun stubbornly keeps moving!).
  • Plasticine is near limitless for expression but it is heavy to carry. If we choose an exercise reliant on a liberal amount of plasticine, I may ask for it to be delivered in advance (animators get bad backs as it is!).
  • A TV or monitor must be available (ideally with an HDMI cable) as a way to show examples & screen everyone’s work for a satisfying finish.
  • Any food & drink you think suits the occasion.

I can provide:

  • 6 laptops, tripods & cameras for shooting stop motion.
  • My own laptop, & adapters to connect to & screen a plethora of animation examples on your TV/monitor
  • An assortment of puppets & mats for them to stand on
  • Costumes & props should we choose for people to dress up & animate themselves.
  • A range of other materials to generate stop motion effects & encourage innovation!

All animation will be rendered into an mp4 video file, capable of playing on all modern devices or uploading to social media. Attendees can bring a USB memory stick to keep a copy of their animation & I will also send all movies to the organizer via email after the day’s creativity