I’m Tim, a 20+ years stop motion animator from the UK travelling worldwide as an animator & mentor.
Take a look at my animation portfolio & the various workshops I run!

Professional Stop Motion Animation & Workshops

Stop Motion Animation

For over 20 years I’ve been working as a professional stop motion animator on some of the biggest stop motion animation productions in the world. I’m highly versatile as a character animator in both Animation Supervisor & Lead Animator roles. I also do plenty of commericals, short films & TV series. Click here to see more!

Animation Workshops

I travel across the globe giving Masterclasses & Animation Workshops for those looking to develop their skills or just for fun.
I run animation mentoring programmes & also more playful children’s sessions.
If you want to try your hand at puppet animation, there’s plenty of examples & photos right here!

Corporate Animation Workshops

Looking to do something different for your company’s team-building or networking events? Take the chance to see how stop motion animation movies are made then try puppet animation for yourselves under my guidance! No experience required with communication & interaction at it’s core – just bring your wild imagination!

Before & after - the original footage from the Bunny & the Bull bullfight sequence as we received it & then our final animated version 😊 A very proud moment, Ray Harryhausen saw the finished piece & invited me to his house for coffee to discuss it! 😊😁 timallenanimation.co.uk/bunny… pic.twitter.com/6nseXo1wxO

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