Children's Animation Workshops

You may have heard a rumor that children like watching cartoons…
They have even more fun making them! 😀

Suggested for ages 6 & upwards (ideally split into similar age groups, eg. 6-9, 10-13, etc) & in sessions for around 15 children to give them a better interaction.
Email to discuss your event & needs. Focused on exploration, play & plasticine! 😀

Events can be based on a theme of your choice. Be aware that children’s imagination has a tendency to take any story in all manner of surprising & hilariously unexpected directions!


A room with plenty of chairs & tables & ideally the use of the room’s natural lighting rather than sunlight (which tends to move over time!). There’s nothing like a ball of plasticine to give their character full expression but it is heavy to carry & best delivered to the venue in advance (animators get bad backs as it is!). A TV or monitor available would be fantastic as a way to show examples & screen everyone’s work for a satisfying finish 😎

I can provide 6 laptops, tripods, cameras & all other materials to generate stop motion & encourage innovation!

All animation will be rendered into an mp4 video file, capable of playing on all modern devices or uploading to social media. Attendees can bring a USB memory stick to keep a copy of their animation & I will also send all movies to the organizer via email after the day’s creativity.

I have public liability insurance & it’s also very helpful if the venue has their own. A room full of children have plenty of energy so enthusiastic volunteers are gratefully accepted!

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