Animator Festival Workshop & Screenings, Poznan, Poland

14th July 2019 TimAllen

For the 12th edition of the Animator Festival in Poznan, Poland I ran a 2 day stop motion mentoring workshop on 8-9th July 2019. I also introduced screenings of Isle of DogsFrankenweenie & 6 episodes of Shaun the Sheep series 4. During their Animator Pro section I gave a presentation on ‘Starting Your Career in Animation’.

Here are video highlights including clips of my film intros & workshop!:

I really enjoyed this chat with Hubert Hafke for the Hammerzeit Podcast! Lots of discussion on stop motion, superheroes & wrestling!

Photos from the screening introductions plus my 2 day Stop Motion Animation Workshop using Stickybones Puppets!

& here’s an interview I gave with Kultura Poznan in the lead up to the festival!
Kultura Poznan Tim Allen Interview