Stop Motion Montreal 2018 Character Animation Workshop!

16th September 2018 TimAllen

The 10th Anniversary of the Stop Motion Festival Montreal & I gave their first ever Animation Workshop! 😀

11-13th September 2018 in Montreal, Canada 😉

Details of my Montreal Stop Motion Workshop

I also had loads of fun doing some promotion for the festival! Here’s my radio interview at Chom 97 7 with Montreal DJ legend Terry DiMonte 😀 When I came into his studio I was stunned to see he was watching the trailer for The Magic Piano which I was Animation Supervisor for. He’d been researching me & was blown away by the complexity of this lesser known film. There’s a link to it below:

The Magic Piano on iTunes

I held the festival’s first ever animation workshop. running over 3 days in the build up to festival opening. We were visited by Christine Long from local news network CTV News Montreal who joined the class whilst I was demonstrating animation with multiple characters (as in over 50 characters!)

The festival hosted a Virtual Reality Garden where I had my first time immersed in the Isle of Dogs Movie Virtual Reality Experience! This was a special treat for me as it was one of my last jobs on the film animating Boss voiced by Bill Murray for the sequence. It was fascinating to see myself & the crew beavering away in the studio in VR!

You can see us behind the scenes (I’m during the Boss shots) in 360° on Youtube. Place your mouse over the screen & scroll around right here:

Or for a better experience download it to your mobile & wave it around in the air to explore the studio as we make the film!
Download Google Spotlight Stories shows on Google Play here:
Download Google Spotlight Stories shows on iTunes here:

I was fortunate enough to be given a tour of The National Film Board of Canada based in Montreal. Along with Chuck Steel Animation Supervisor Jody Meredith & expert armature maker Jim Randall, we explored an archive of Canadian stop motion puppets & sets. We were gifted to see their new films being shot The Subject by Patrick BouchardLa Girouette by Jean-François Lévesque who also directed a lovely NFB stop mo short The Necktie. Finally we toured some of the new technology that the NFB is developing for film making. It was inspiring & fascinating, but to secret to say any more about…. 😛

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