The Handmade Gift

22nd December 2018 TimAllen

Anna Mantzaris‘s beautiful and melancholy Christmas film for Greenpeace France.
Ending with a pledge to make our cities breathable, the film tells the story of a little girl who appears to be protecting her bear from the cold, but it turns out she’s aware of an even more dangerous problem. I was one of 2 main animators along with Steve Warne.

A wonderful project to be involved with in so many ways. It was fantastic to be with many of my friends all together on the crew. My animation was most of the shots indoors preparing the gift. Come behind the scenes to see the team in action in the video & photos below. Featuring interviews with director Anna Mantzaris, Drew Roper from Yamination Studios plus myself! Video footage shot by Luke Furmage.

Client: Greenpeace France
Agency: 84.Paris
Produced by: Passion Animation Studios
Animation Studio: Yamination Studios

The photos were beautifully taken Ian Davies – thankyou so much for capturing the moments!

It’s been so nice animating for Anna Mantzaris & this is our second project together. I was very excited to animate for her earlier in 2018 on her suspenseful short film Good Intentions 🙂

The Handmade Gift full credits:

Client: Greenpeace France
Agency: 84.Paris
Creative Directors: Léo Sattin & Julien Sipra
Production Company: Passion Animation Studios
Director: Anna Mantzaris
Executive Producers; Belle Palmer
Producers: Becky Perryman, Sibylle Preuss
Production Assistants: Laure Rees-Smith & Shelby Maddock
Studio: Yamination Studios
Studio Producer/Art Director: Drew Roper
Studio Assistant: Laura Vincent
DOP: Donna Wade
Animators: Tim Allen & Steve Warne
Assistant Animator: George Carman
VFX Supervisor: Hugo Vieites Caamaño
VFX Animator: German Diez
Lighting: Surinder Singh
Assistant Lighting: Kat Harvey
Rigger, Set Dresser & Lead Model Maker: Michael Price
Set Dresser & Model Maker: George Carman
Set Dresser, Costumes & Model Maker: Catherine Prowse
Set Designer & Lead Model Maker: Rohan Wadham
Set Builder & Model Maker: Tristan Pritchard
Set Builder & Model Maker: Hetty Bax
Costumes; Claire Cohen & Martha Mantzaris
Model Maker and Costumes: Kat Simpson
Model Maker and Costumes: Adeena Grubb
Model Maker: Amy Holden
Model Maker: Isabelle Kennedy
Model Maker : Sam Clarke
Model Maker: Stella Przytula
Model Maker: Fung Ye Tsang
Runner: Joao Lanham

Sound Design: Phil Brookes

Post Production: UNIT
Post Production Producer: Kirsty Ratcliffe
Colourist: Denny Cooper

BTS Videographer: Luke Furmage
BTS Photographer: Ian Davies